Old enough to have been around when the concept of peace, love and rock n' roll inspired a generation of free spirits. Young enough to embrace a world community, where generosity, compassion and equality are a way of life. We celebrate living every day.

We're Tom and Molly. Although our paths didn't cross until later in life, our individual journeys were influenced by the hippie movement of the '60s and all that it stood for. Love was in the air. People cared about each other and the earth that is our home. Rock N' Roll was our soundtrack. It brought us all together. It's with us, still, today.


My journey began in Spirit Lake, Iowa. When Beatlemania hit, music became my world. At the age of 14, I began importing guitars from Japan, placed my family surname on the label and Bedell Guitar Company was born. I sold those guitars to neighborhood kids who were crazy for music and taught them how to play. I produced single 45's and booked gigs for local bands. Soon a secondstore was opened. That was a glorious time for living. We loved our music, it was our life, and not just for those of us who played. It was a time that defined us all. - Tom

While Tom was busy with guitars, I was soaking up the hippie culture out West, first in California and then in Oregon. As a teenager, I had a passion for Rock N' Roll and bought record albums as fast as I could earn the cash. Along the way, I managed to learn the lyrics and songs of most of the artists I listened to. In addition to music, everything about the colorful alternative lifestyle of the times - the unconventional clothes, encouragement of self-expression, the deepening connection with Mother Earth - struck a chord with me and brought out my creative side. It inspired the life we lead today. - Molly



Now, with our kids grown and "real world" careers behind us, Two Old Hippies is the connection to our roots. Serendipity brought us to the setting. The Great Divide, a funky little Bluegrass guitar and music shop in the heart of Aspen, Colorado, was up for sale. We scooped it up, brought it back to life and filled it with everything we love.

Our love of music is expressed through our own collections of premium acoustic instruments, Bedell, Breedlove and Weber Mandolins.  Our boutique shop is widely known for its ecclectic mix of hip apparel for men and women, unique jewelry, accessories and Molly's penchant for "being comfortable".  Rock N' Roll Memorabilia adorns our walls and brings us right back to 'the day'.  Discoveries from our travels, including fine textiles, artwork and crafts from indigenous cultures, speaks to our One World way of life.

But, beyond material things, Two Old Hippies is an outlet for the values and beliefs that two "born" hippies acquired long ago. Seek peace and harmony for all living things. Inspire community. "Be True" to ourselves. And share in the spirit of Peace, Love & Rock N' Roll.