• “Cards are fab– Jewelry is WOW!”- Dana/Birmingham, AL
  • "Lisa was fantastic!"- Wendy & Guy/Huntsville, AL
  • “Great store! Fabulous service”- Danni/Scottsdale, AZ
  • “Great place to shop!!”- Kimberly, California
  • “Amazing merch and displays!”- Dani, Los Angeles
  • “Lovely store!”- Beverly, San Diego
  • “Amazing clothing!” Marvin, Southern California
  • “Beautiful!” from Girls Gone Nashville/Encinitas, California
  • “Love this store!”- Brandi/California
  • “Obsessed doesn’t even begin to describe! Keep being fabulous!”- Tabitha, San Francisco Bay
  • "Cool place"- Connor/San Diego
  • "Great atmosphere & stuff!"- Rachel/ San Diego
  • "Love this store! Been here for hours"- Susan/Newport Beach, CA
  • “Love this store! I always find something I don’t need”- George, Nashville/Colorado
  • “Bitchin’ guitar vault!”- Benson, Boulder
  • "Lisa was awesome. Love my new shoes!"- Suzette/Denver
  • “Love this store! Come to Connecticut! :)”- Anonymous
  • “Really nice jewelry!”- Adrienne/Connecticut
  • “Neat stuff” – PB Golman, Florida
  • “Thank you; lovely experience! Love the people! Super helpful!” Sharon, Florida
  • “Cute store!”- Alana/Florida
  • “You rock my socks!!!”, Joe/Florida
  • “Love this store!”- Hudson/Boca Raton, FL
  • “Love this place!!”- Debbie/Watersound Beach, FL
  • “Vault rocks!!” Andy, Sarasota
  • "Great store; Love it!"- Shannon/ Pensacola, FL
  • "Great store-- Rock on!"- Beth/Key West
  • "Great stuff"- Stacey/Tampa, FL
  • “Guitar Vault is awesome!”- Coney, Atlanta
  • “Love this store!”- Morgan/Atlanta, GA
  • “Awesome place to shop!”- Bett/Georgia
  • "Love, love, love the shop! So cute!"- Christina/Roswell, GA
  • "So fun!!"- Elizabeth/Evans, GA
  • "This store is awesome!"- Allie/Atlanta, GA
  • “Great merchandise with friendly staff, just an awesome experience!”      – Sandy, Illinois
  • “Fun, unusual merchandise and great staff. Stop in to buy, browse or banter. You gotta love this store!” – Cal, Chicago
  • “Love, love, love! Killer style!”- Caitlyn/Chicago
  • “Coolest store ever!”- Wendy Snyder/Chicago
  • “Great store! Love the vibe!”- Tami/Illinois
  • “Nice store– Pretty everything!”- Tracy/Chicago
  • "Great store!!! Love!"- Kasey, Chicago
  • “Vince Gill told us to check this store out! So cute!”- Carol/Indiana
  • “Thank you for all the help with My Train Ride outfit!”- Wesley & Chauncey/Wichita, KS
  • “Great clothing takes me back to a better time!”- Carol, Kentucky
  • “Love this store!” – Jackie, Kentucky
  • “I am your prime customer. See you again soon!”- Becky/KY
  • “Love my new fox socks!”- Cotter/Louisville, KY
  • "Love this store!"- Bobbye/Kentucky
  • Super fun store"- Sharlene/Whitesville, KY
  • “Groovy store, man”- Randy & Iva/ South Louisiana
  • “Love the music!”- Jessy/Maine
  • “Your jewelry in amazing!”- Debbie/Baltimore, MD
  • “Love the store… beautiful choices!”- Patrice, Boston
  • “Favorite store in the country– come every time I’m in Nashville”- Katherine/Boston, MA
  • “Love the boots!”- Angie/Cambridge, MA
  • “Love coming back when we’re in town!”- Claire, Grand Rapids
  • “What a great place!!!”- Marc & Marisa/Midland, MI
  • “Great service! Friendly people. We drive from Newaygo Michigan to shop here. Great Martin guitars! Thanks for making us feel great in your store. Thanks Two Old Hippies staff and Matt!”- Cindy
  • "Great store! Even the hubby liked it!"- Jen/Rochester Hills, MI
  • "Love, love, love your store and products!"- Jayne/Michigan
  • “Coolest shirts & jewelry!” Sharon/Minneapolis,MN
  • “The nicest staff! Everyone was exceptional!”-Kailen/Minnesota
  • “One of everything, please!”- Cheryl, Kansas City
  • “Adorable cards; you guys rock!”- Durrie, Emanuele, & Rose/St. Louis
  • “Great staff; love the store!”- Sandy/St. Louis, MO
  • “Love this store!!”- Jamie, Nebraska
  • “Adorable store– best one I’ve seen here" - Rachel/Las Vegas
New Jersey:
  • “Awesome combo of chic & rustic cool!”- Beth/Mt. Lakes, NJ
  • "Love the vibe!"- Sharon N./New Jersey
New Mexico:
  • "Best shop in the city! Unreal!"- Jand/Albuquerque, NM
New York:
  • “Awesome… loved it all!”- Alyssa, Long Island, NY
  • “Cool shop!”- Sherwood, Brooklyn
  • “Cool store!” Linda & Lou, New York
  • “Love this store”- Wendy/Oswego,NY
  • “Awesome store!”- Joanne/New York
  • “I want to move here and work here! Amazing store!”- Marlayner/Niagara Falls, NY
  • “Very cool store!”- Kelly/Rochester, NY
  • "Nice people!"- Gina/New York
  • "From one hippie to another!"- Cara/Monroe, NY
  • "Love this store! Sheila is the best!"- New York
  • "Love this!"- Caroline/New York, NY
North Carolina:
  • “LoVe, lOVe, LOVE this shop!!! The clothes and jewelry are amazing and I want to buy a guitar (even if I don’t play) because it’s just so dang cool in this store that I just want to. Besides being just an all around fantastic shop it’s the store employees that make it one of the best places in Nashville, they are fun, funky and so sweet!! There are a ton of places to shop in Nashville but this is one you cannot miss!!!”- Jeannie, North Carolina
  • “Love this place”- Carla, Charlotte, NC
  • “Really fun– great cards!”- Rose/NC
  • “Groovy Jewelry!”- Cherie/Wilmington, NC
  • "Love it all!"- Jennifer/ Durham, NC
North Dakota:
  • “You have some nice things!”- Gwinner, ND
  • “I love your store!”- Christine, Ohio
  • “Awesome clothes; love it here!”- Jordan, Oklahoma City
  • “Fantastic store and employees!” Teresa/ Portland
  • "Love the vibe! Great store!"- Stanley/ Portland
  • "Really fun!"- Portland/OR
  • “You guys are so nice!"- Bill & Molly, Philadelphia
  • “Awesome store!!” Janice & Liz, Philadelphia
  • “Fun, fun, fun!”- Sharon/Philadelphia
  • “Love the arrows!”- Ilisha/Wilkesbarre,PA
  • “Love the card selection”- Randi/Philadelphia
  • “Great place, friendly people. Also proud that they have elected to stock my book “Shoebox Full of Toads: Farewell to Mom” — this baby boomer’s memoir of my last night with my mother and a celebration of my own life, thanks to her. Check it out in their local authors’ section. Also, visit the store frequently. It will make you feel better.” –Tim, Tennessee
  • “Totally digging this place been a loyal customer for almost 2 years! Sheila and her staff are amazing… A must visit in Nashville!”- Scott, Tennessee
  • “Great selection of unique, quality pieces with a daddio cool vibe.”- Autumn, Tennessee
  • "Love this store! I always find something I don’t need”- George, Nashville/Colorado
  • “Love the local vibe!”- Sarah/Nashville
  • "Love all of it!”- Rosanne/Nashville
  • “Love!!!”- Emma/Knoxville, TN
  • “Two Old Hippies is still awesome! ♥ this place and the people!” Rachel/Nashville
  • "First time in! Fantastic!"- Jerry & Julia P./Nashville
  • “Very tricky! Play killer music and I’ll shop for hours! Well done!”- Tommi/Dallas, TX
  • “Best store ever!”- Kimberley/Dallas,TX
  • "Open a store in Dallas!”- Kim/Dallas,TX
  • "Love love love!”- Holly/Dallas,TX
  • "Incredible shop! And love that Taylor Swift shops here!"- Brooke/Austin, TX
  • “We LOVE this store; so cute!”- Taylor & Garrett/Salt Lake City
  • “Feels good to be back in Nashville. First stop… Two Old Hippies!”- Nicholas, Virginia
  • "Great store! Well made products"- S. & J. Foster/Leesburg, VA & Washington, DC
  • “Great, unique items!”- J & N, Seattle
  • “Absolutely LOVE this store!”- Paula, Milwaukee
  • “So cute! Nice gifts!”- Kate, Milwaukee
  • “Rockin’ store!”- Jackie/LaCrosse, WI
  • “New favorite store!”- Caitlin/Oshkosh, WI
  • “Great store”- Ashleigh & Tom/Perth, Australia
  • “I love this store!”- Brady/ Canada
  • "Great store!” Curtis & Debbie/Alberta, Canada
  • “Great store!”- Noelle S./Ontario, Canada
  • “Gorgeous shop, lovely staff– really thrilled with my new bag!”- Helena/England
  • “Awesome! Great!”- Miriam/Italy
  • “Love everything about this store and the staff! My Fav!”- Melissa
  • “Love this store! First place I stop when in Nashville!”- Becky
  • “Love everything I have seen. Wish I could take it all with me!”- Sylva
  • "This place is so incredible. The selection of leather bags, unique gifts and beautiful clothes goes on and on. It’s the kind of place you have to scan first with your eyes, then go back and touch all your favorites. Love, love, love it. Really nice people that work there too.”- Jackie
  • "Everything about this place is amazing! The people were the most helpful and so friendly!”-Brianne
  • “Great staff and great stuff!”- Jo
  • “Love stopping in when we get to town… great staff and some super cool clothing & jewelry. Also got to check out a local show here and it’s just a great vibe. Good job and keep it up!” -Justin
  • “Love this store! I also love Robert’s style!”- Candice
  • “My favorite place to shop in Nashville is Two Old Hippies!”- Reba McEntire
  • “Amazing store!”- Debbie M.
  • "Awesome! Love!” -Karen P
  • “Awesome,; fun!”- Hildy
  • “Love this store; Always fun coming here!”- Antoinette
  • "Love your shit!”- Erin D.
  • "Fun stuff!”- Jeannie F.
  • “Sweet shit! Probably the coolest store ever”- Sam
  • “Awesome stuff/I want the knife”- Thomas G.
  • “I love this store!”- Marcie
  • “Denver; a must!”- Susan=
  • “Come to Texas!”- Kaitlin M.
  • “Super Store!”- J&S Gribble
  • “LOVE!! Blake is an amazing guy & helped a ton!”-Sennett H.
  • “Blake & Marlo were super! Peace, love, & happiness!”-Sharon S.
  • “Love it! Lisa & Blake are the best!”- Pat
  • “Everyone is so helpful! Sheila is awesome!”- Antoinette
  • “Fantastic! Great customer service”- Dione
  • “The new products are RAD! I will be back!”- Brian Kelly
  • “What an experience! Everyone was amazing.”- Diane
  • “Love this place with mom & Amanda”- Christine
  • “Radical vibes and great music”- Sissy P.
  • “Fun socks! Love the cards!”- Margret R.
  • “These bags are fab! Love the hospitality, too!”- Anne R.
  • “Everyone is so friendly!”- Allison S.
  • “Lisa was so great fitting me!”- Angie N.
  • “Love it!!”- Amber K.
  • “This store is way cool!”- Linda B.
  • “Hilary and Blake were wonderful!”- Katana T.
  • “Wonderful store"- Patsy C.
  • “Lady Grey is the best pooch eva!”- Kevin N.
  • “Way cool!”- Carol & Larry
  • “Hip vibes… too damn cool”- Frank S.
  • “Lovely store; Lovely time!”- C4 Ebrahimi
  • “Love this store”- Michael
  • “Coolest shop!”- Kristi
  • “Robert is awesome! Love the store!”- Morry
  • "Great store!"- Barb G.
  • "Best gift items!"- Kitty M.
  • "Love the store!"- Anonymous