Two Old Hippies offers a stunning collection of premium acoustic stringed instruments built by some of the most popular artisans in the world.

Specializing in Breedlove and Bedell instruments, we carry a wide variety of boutique and major brands along with accessories and gifts for the acoustic lover.

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Our climate-controlled string sanctuary known affectionately as “The Vault” will be your favorite place to sit down with one of our premium instruments. Housing the majority of our collection, “The Vault” is designed and decorated to give you a comfortable and relaxed buying experience when looking for your new guitar, mandolin or ukulele.
When a secluded sonic space is necessary, there’s no better place to play than our “Quiet Room.” The great acoustics of the room will help you make that final decision if you’re not sure which one to take home. Let one of our knowledgeable Co-Hippies set you up in our “Quiet Room” your next visit!
Need a pickup installed? Is your guitar not playing properly? Just need your mandolin cleaned and restrung? Our guitar staff is happy to help. While we work endlessly to maintain our current collection of instruments, we’re here to lend a hand when your gear isn’t working right.

To see what Bedell Guitars is doing to lessen their own impact on the environment read about THE BEDELL TONEWOOD CERTIFICATION PROJECT .