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Breedlove Guitars is partnering with Save A Guitar to give one lucky person a Breedlove Pursuit Concert and #SaveAGuitar Swag Pack. All you have to do is share your musical inspirations or how playing guitar has made an impact on your life. You can do this with a photo, video or a couple of simple words telling your story! Visit the #SaveAGuitar Facebook page to enter:

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Located in Southeast Alaska, the Tongass is the only National Forest in the United States in which clearcutting old-growth trees is still permitted. Old-growth Sitka spruce is a choice tonewood for guitar soundboards. Almost every major acoustic guitar manufacturer in the U.S. obtains this prized wood from the Tongass.

We as musicians, manufacturers, and music lovers can take action NOW to protect this precious national treasure.

Leave a legacy of music.

Help end the production and purchase of acoustic guitars made from clearcut old-growth Sitka spruce.